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  Residential Door Repair  

We Perform All Types of Door Repair Work

There is nothing more important than to feel safe at home. Unfortunately, there are no everlasting doors. That’s why sooner or later doors must be repaired, restored or replaced. It’s not a secret that locks can become rusty or have some defects. Do you want your doors to work properly? Are you tired of problems with your locks? Are you in a hurry and have no much time to wait for a professional locksmith? Do you wish to enter or leave your apartments quickly but your doors or lock won’t function? We are glad to help you solve all these and other possible door and lock problems.

Sliding Door Repair

A sliding door that doesn’t operate properly causes constant frustration! No more fussing with the door out of alignment, with broken rollers or blocked roller tracks.
But don’t panic! Fixers has experience fixing sliding doors. The fully trained technicians at Fixers inspect every component of your sliding door. Our skilled team of professionals is ready to help you cope with these and other problems any time you need.

Door Replacement

When you replace your door, it improves your home’s outlook. This also assures you of enhanced security.
Fixers have always provided quality door replacements. Our motivation is to ensure that our esteemed customers get value for their money. We deliver this in terms of quality services. Our team consists of some of the most experienced and skilled employees who will most likely provide the best results.

Installation Doors

All people want to live in the safe and cozy apartments. The doors must create the impression of safety and protection. Our team wants to make your apartments look attractive and safe due to qualitative installation doors. Installing a door is exacting work and requires considerable knowledge and experience. If you don’t have the time, patience and know how for DIY, let Fixers’ qualified carpenters install your new door for you. Pure convenience, no fuss. When you engage our expert installation service, you are guaranteed fine workmanship and a great fit.

Entry Phone Repair

Entry Phone sometimes do fail to work, and this can be a great disadvantage to the user if they are dependent on the devices. They, therefore, need to be fixed as fast as possible. It is because of that, that we exist. You can count on us to fix your intercom telephone entry and telephone entry for you. No matter the developer or type of device you use, we have experienced workers who will have your device functioning correctly in no time. Get in touch with us; we look forward to hearing from you.

Closers and Hinges Repair

Hinges are what regulate the doors closing or opening at a time. Located on top near the hinge, it’s used also to manage the speed at which the door moves while closing or opening.

Any moment your door is making a lot of noise when you are closing them or a scenario where door hinges keep falling when opening or closing the doors, think of us to accord the necessary assistance you need.

Automatic Door Repair

Residential automatic doors can be both dangerous and annoying when they malfunction. Don’t take the risk and don’t deal with any more frustration than necessary.
Fixers repairs all kinds of automatic doors, so if your automatic or electric door has a problem, call us immediately! An automatic door needs regular maintenance and repair. We are experts at making sure your doors work perfectly.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide a way of allowing access or entry into a location through a means other than a key. With access control, your place will be very secure. If you need installation, maintenance, repairs, or replacement of with your doors access control, key tags, key fobs, or card, then we are gladly here to help. We offer twenty-four hours of service every day of the week. 

Garage Door Parts

Faulty cables in your garage door can be the reason for operation malfunctions. To make the garage door operate smoothly, all technical components should be in order, including the cables. Do not attempt any repairs to the cables if you have no appropriate expertise. Garage door cables are a voltage-carrying part, so, make sure you call your local garage door repair service to attend to them.

Front Entry Doors Repair

We Will Install Front Doors and Keep them Looking Good and Functioning Properly

Whether you are looking to have a new front door installed or an existing door repaired or serviced, we have skilled professionals who can provide you with the kind of top notch service you expect from a door installation and repair service. We also know how to install and repair just about every type of front door imaginable.

Door Frame Repair

We use the doors of our home every day. It is only natural that our door frames would begin to break, crack, or split after a while. 

No matter the reason is for your door frames becoming damaged, Fixers provides door frame repair services to save your door frames before they get any worse. Regardless of the condition, let Fixers repair your door frames in any emergency situation that you have with them.

Screen Patio Door Repair

A patio door shouldn’t impede the flow of traffic in or outside your home. Whether your patio door doesn’t swing like it used to, the latch is broken or the closing mechanism is busted, our experts can help. We’ll service each and every component of your patio door or install a brand-new one if the old one is past the point of repair.

Wood/Steel Door Repair

Steel, wood doors are our specialty.  Our expert technicians have all of the latest door repair equipment already. We get the job done quickly and professionally and our rates are affordable and competitive.

There may be different types of doors throughout your home. However, if they need to be repaired it’s best to call our door repair Fixers specialist.

Glass Door Repair

We are your glass door repair experts! By spending just a few minutes on the phone with you or processing your online quote request, we can assess your needs and provide a firm, fair glass door repair or glass replacement estimate. If you’re ready for professional glass service, we can schedule your appointment and take care of the job fast – often the same day as your call to us!

Emergency 24/7 Door Repair

Doors should be periodically checked to pinpoint and resolve any developing problems that could turn into door repair emergencies. Doors are the largest moving part of most homes, and you don’t want them to be in state of disrepair. If you do experience a door emergency, contact the professionals. We offer 24-hour service for  residential doors.

Door Brands We Repair: 

  • Overhead

  • Marantec

  • Liftmaster

  • Stanley Doors

  • Steves & Sons

  • Therma-Tru

  • Pella

  • Novatech

  • Chamberlain

  • Craftsman

  • Home Depot

  • Jeld-Wen Inc

  • Wayne Dalton

  • Genie

  • Sears

  • Masonite

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